FAQs for Ulster County New York Traffic Violations What Are Some Tips to Avoid Traffic Tickets?
  • Know and follow the New York traffic laws
  • Know where the speed limits change – police like to catch drivers when the speed limits change
  • Use common sense such as staying behind a police vehicle as opposed to speeding past them and getting their attention
What Should I Do if I’m Stopped by a Police Officer?
  • Cooperate
  • Find a safe place to pull over and follow directions
  • Police officers are people, too, and they are concerned for their own personal safety. Make it easy for the officer to see your hands and don’t make any quick hand movements
Do I Need to Respond to the Ticket?

Yes. Failure to respond may cause additional fines and penalties including a license suspension.

What is the NY Driver Assessment?

If you get six points in an 18-month timeframe, the New York Driver Assessment will add additional monetary fines.

How Long Do Points Stay on My New York Driving Record?

Points can stay on your record for 18 months.

Is There a Way to Reduce Some of My Points?

Yes. New York has a Point & Insurance Reduction Program. This program allows for the reduction of up to four points during any 18 month period if the driver properly completes a driver education course. The program only allows for point reduction of points you already have. You can’t reduce your points below 0 and it can’t be used to change a license suspension or revocation.

What Will I Need to Show Jonathan Katz?

You should have a copy of your driving record (an abstract) if you’re an out of state driver. My office can help you obtain one. My office will also help New York drivers get their in-state New York driving abstracts.

When Do I Pay the Fine?

Not until you have met with Jonathan D. Katz., Esq. A successful defense may reduce your fine or get your ticket dismissed entirely. If you pay the fine upfront, you have plead guilty.

Talk to My Firm for Free

Traffic law is what I practice and I’ve been extremely successful getting tickets reduced or dismissed for many people just like you. I understand you may be frustrated and anxious – especially if you are in danger of losing your license or don’t have the money to pay the fines. When you put my experience to work for you, I’ll explain all your options and be by your side every step of the way. Before you pay a traffic fine, contact us for your no-obligation, free consultation.

Client Reviews
I had a wonderful experience working with this law firm. They took care of everything for me, I did not even have to attend court. My 4 point ticket was reduced to a 0 pt violation , which I was very pleased with. Jonathan Katz and his associates worked in a very timely manner and I didn't have to worry or stress about the process at all. I live 2 plus hours from the area where the ticket was received and I was very pleased how minimally I was involved in the process yet, was kept very informed. Liz was very professional, effective, a pleasure to work with and made the process very easy for me. I would highly recommend Jonathan Katz law firm!! Nealie
I spoke with Jonathan's office for a speeding ticket and was treated with friendliness, fairness, and transparency. I'm in sales & customer service so I know when I'm being treated well and when I'm being treated poorly and they definitely treated me well. I received the outcome I expected and an extremely happy with the service! Ryan
Handled a traffic violation for me. Attorney Katz did an excellent job, exceeding my expectations at a fair fee. The office staff did and kept me informed and followed up on every detail. Highly recommend. Sean
Received a speeding ticket while driving through Plattekill, NY for driving 10 miles over the speed limit. I later forgot about the ticket. My license was later suspended for failure to answer ticket. I Googled a lawyer in Plattekill Town and found Jonathan David Katz. I spoke to his office, they assisted me in paying the scofflaw and lifting suspension. I hired them to represent me and the ticket was drop down to a parking ticket. I would definitely recommend his law firm and would work with him if needed. Anthony Bouchard
Truly excellent customer service! Not only did they reduce my 3 point traffic ticket to 0 points, but I did not have to attend court (since I live out of state). They communicated quickly and clearly with me, took care of everything, and were very pleasant the entire time. Thank you for your professional attitude and great results! Benswing Rich
When hiring an attorney one of the things that is most important is that first phone call to the office.I spoke to a woman named Susan who made me feel so comfortable,understanding an able to calm me down.This was a serious situation which she took care of called me back twice,when does that happen?.. Susan took care of everything.. Great experience ...If your in need of a great attorney with an amazing staff call them you will NOT be sorry... Richard Feder
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